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I am a Swedish Portuguese performer, actor, and singer transplanted from Scandinavia to NYC, where I now reside since 2005.

I have performed with the Chinese Children's opera in Beijing, Street performed in Europe, Mexico, and NYC, played Shakespeare at a castle in Sweden, Walked on stilts in the Arizona Desert, danced on stilts for Gypsy Punk Rock band Bad Buka, and played a solo show at Edinburgh Fringe. I am a member of the all female NYC clown troupe, Clown’s Ex Machina led by Kendall Cornell, and a member of Shakespeare in the Parking Lot which performs in parking lots and Bryant Park. Theater/Clown training highlights: GITIS/Russian Academy of Theater Arts; CUNY Baccalaureate Program with a degree in Ritual Focused Performance Techniques from Hunter and Brooklyn College; Slava Polunin's Moulin Jaune in Paris, and Jango Edward’s Nouveau Clown Institute. As a professional singer, I sing Swedish Acapella in NYC at various private parties and Scandinavian companies around town. I am the founder of the theater company, ARA.                                                            





The Crucible                                     Betty Paris/Sarah Good           Rose Bonczek// Gershwin Theater

Spring Awakening                            Ilse/Mask/Puppets                 Jonathan Hadley// The New Workshop Theater

Poetics: A Ballet Brut                        Dancer                                        Kelly Copper/Pablo Lisa // The Public Theater

Clown’s Full Tilt                                 Clown                                          Kendal Cornell // LaMaMa Etc

The Cherry Orchard                          Carlotta Ivanova                        Peter Petkovsek// Columbia Stages 

Prawns a la Indigo                              Elizabeth Lii                               Mirenka Cechova// Dixon Place

The Vanishing Play                             Roogie Sister                             Daniel Nelson// Ontological Theater

The Midsummer Nights Dream        Fairy kingdom                           Kathy Curtis// Shakespeare in the Parkinglot

Fools Mass                                              Jorunn                                      Matt Mittler (NYC)

The Pillowman                                        Mother                                    Rhett Martinez// New Workshop Theater

Laugh out Loud                                        Lucy                                       Jef Johnson// Theater for the New City

Lorca! Duende!                                         Lorca                                     Orietta Crispino//TheaterLab

Clownical Trials                                        Shadow                                 Jef Johnson// TheaterLab

Lost and Found: Hexis                            Laika                                       Belinda Mello// West End Theater

Landscapes                                            Stilts/Vocals                           Carpetbag Brigade//Ursula Brezborn// 

Much Ado About Nothing                    Maid Helena                            Peter Book// Steninge Castle (Sweden)

Clown’s Dreams                                    Masks/Puppets/Clown        Felix Ivanoov (Edinburgh Fringe Scotland)

Female Transport                                   Tommy                                    Peter Book( Stening Castle Sweden)

Romeo and Julia Highway                   Julia                                          Josef Lamy (Sweden)

Saint Anne’s Robe                                 Vocal/Stilts/Clown               Jay Ruby// Circus stella  (Canada)

Choir/Tours/Acapella                           Soprano                                  Viggo Lofqrantz( Sweden//China//Spain)

Tinyville Talent                                        Felicity                                    Mette Ronne (Denmark)

Remember Forgetting Finding             Stilts                                       Alicia Gerstein//Michaela Lind//Various Venues NYC

My Birthday                                             Clown/Creator                      Directorial Assistance, Kendall Cornell

Midsummer Nights Dream                  Mechanicals                           Drilling Company// Bryan Park

The Bad Un's                                          Clown/Performer                  Clown's Ex Machina// LaMaMa Etc



Informercial     Girl           Apoteket Pharmacy (Sweden)

Industrial        Shopper    Billy Linker (Brickhouse Prod)



Acting: GITIS-Russian Academy of Theater Arts, 2 Year Diploma; Michael Howard Studio conservatory, Austin Pendleton,

Tracy Bersley, Larry Singer, Fay Simpson, Alexey Burago, Vladimir Koifman


Shakespeare: Shakespeare & Co, Shakespeare Forum NYC


Voice:    Pamela Thomas, Jan Horvath, Ulrika Skogby

VoiceOver: Justin Barret (The Barrow Group)


Speech:   David Wells, Amanda Quaid, Francine Zerfas


On Camera:   Heidi Marshall, Fiona Graham 


Physical Theater:    Carpetbag Brigade (Stilts), Nemcatacoa (Butoh), Grotest Maru, Jessica Burr (Viewpoints), Adam Lazarus( bouffon)Jef Johnson (Clown), Kendall Cornell (Clown)(ongoing), Aitor Basauri ( Clown) Felix Ivanov (Puppets & Movement),Avner the Eccentric (Clown), PIT (Improv), Belinda Mello (Alexander) Movement Research NYC ( contact Improv & modern dance), Tony De Mayer & Gennadi N. Bogdanov ( Mayerhold Biomechanics)

GARDEN OF FOOLS & NOUVEAU CLOWN INSTITUTE: (diploma)  Slava Polunin, Jango Edwards, David Shiner, Ira Seideinstein (ongoing)


Directing: Austin Pendleton, Rose Bonzcek

Sound design: Bhurin Sead


Fluent in Swedish & English // Dialects: British, Eastern European // Voice: 1Soprano (2soprano/1alto) //

Acro Stilts, Masks, Puppetry, Beg Yoga, Beg Chi gong, Beg Pole//Piano, Jew Harp, Jewelry Making, crafting//Swimming and High-dive// Contact Improv, Modern Dance// Valid Drivers License and dual Passports. Basic Photography and Adobe Creative cloud, Soundtrap and Audacity, Blue Yeti available. 

Bachelor of Science - City University of New York: Ritual Focused Performance Techniques (honored a Thomas W Smith Scholarship & Skandia Liv's Cultural Scholarship.

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